Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Track Racing Mid Life Crisis!

So am I having a bit of a mid life crisis?    I have just rejoined (as second claim only) my first ever running club (New Marske Harriers) to compete for them in the Northern Track League.   This Saturday I will race over 5000m on the track for the first time since...erm quite a long time ago! 

I used to really enjoy track races over 5000m and regularly ran them in the Northern League whilst running for CEPAC (Chester and Ellesmere Port AC).   Whilst I will probably never get close to the sort of times I did over in the North West (15.26 remains my 5000m track pb) I do hope to get close to or under 16:30 for the 5k during the course of the remainder of the season.  I am also going to look out for a 3000m race  or two as well.  I am hoping this will unlock some of the old leg speed that seems to have deserted me in the last few years....I guess this probably reflects my ambitions this year being pushed towards the shorter distances and away from the Marathon distance for this year.

So life begins at dreams of a sports car or aiming to learn to play the saxophone or something random I'm heading back to the track to chase some long lost fast twitch fibres!     Dont expect me to be tempted into the long jump, javelin or the 200m even if the team needs the points!

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