Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Need for Speed!

My race on Sunday seems a distant memory.  No aches, No pain, No stiffness and straight back into some decent sessions.   The clocking of 35:00 could be seen as a solid run...not for me!  I'm never satisfied and have had one thing on my mind - Speed!   (No not the drug!).   The official definition of speed is  "Distance travelled per unit time. Speed is the scalar quantity that is the magnitude of the velocity vector" - clever stuff!

For me speed means three things:

1.  It means the difference between a sub 35 min 10Km or a 35 min something 10km
2.  It means being closer to the lead group and not running on my own for 6 miles
3.  It means pb's and good race results!

I'm not naturally blessed with speed so need to buckle down and try and reinvigorate fast twitch fibers that may be lying dormant (there is a risk that they dont actually exist!).   To do this I have decided to do a weekly session which involves fast efforts of running for 30 seconds. 

So after a four mile hard run at just over 6 minute miling I set up the Garmin for a mini speed session.

8 x 30 seconds on grass with 1 minute jog in between.    The aim of each 30 second blast was to cover 30 secs @ an average of sub 5 minute miling.   When I hit these 100% I will add an extra interval until I reach 20 x 30 seconds.  By that time I hope to look like this fella!

Go Andy!

First session...8 intervals of 30 seconds...4 achieved under 5 min miling!  50%

Must Try Harder!

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