Thursday, 16 June 2011

Taking the Medicine!

Tonight I was undecided what to do...a) steady long run...b) 800s at my usual haunt in Saltburn....c) 400s on the Track or d) Tempo run.   I opted for session b).   No real reason other than I have not done a decent speed session in a few weeks and it was sometime since I took the Vic Terrace medicine!

After a very lethargic warm up I questioned my judgement and thought the track might have been a bit more forgiving but here I was at our very own theatre of dreams!   The plan was to do 8 x 800m with a 2 min recovery.

It was one of those weird sessions where you struggle to get going on the warm up then hit the first interval and things just fall into place.  After a 2:42 first interval I managed to crank it up to complete the rest of the set with interval times ranging from 2-36 to 2-38.   More importantly I felt relaxed, strong and seemed to hold my form well.   Great session but a real mystery as to how I can go from feeling so tired and lethargic to having such a good session!  Who knows but am happy with the outcome especially as I was on my own :)

Have decided to race at Newton Ayecliffe on Sunday in a 10k.   As it hasn't been a race that I have particularly targeted I am just going to run hard and see what happens...hopefully my legs will have recovered in time from tonights session.

There has been continued great feedback on the Half Marathon this week and some great photos doing the far my favourite photo is this one....

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