Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Coasting on the Coast Road!

After a few days of feeling a bit sluggish I decided to kick start my intervals again with a 6 x800m on the Coast Road.  By doing this session tonight I was confirming to myself that I would not race in the Summer Coast Road 5km but would opt for the Track 5000m race on Sunday in York. 

The coast road is a bit of a love it hate it training session...somehow the climbs, turns and downhill start and finish at the usual Saltburn circuit seems a much easier way to do 800s rather than a long straight road that seems to go on forever and gets longer as the legs get tired.

Redcar's very own coast road leading to Death Valley!

Session went rather well and I managed to get all six under 2.40 with a 2-38, 2-33, 2-34, 2-34, 2-36 and 2-36....hopefully this will put me in good form for another blast at the track on Sunday...who knows I might be tempted by a leg in the 4 x 400m as well if the team need me!

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