Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dont get lost! Dont get lost!

Ok the last time I did the Tees Forest 5km at Preston Park I got lost...well not quite lost just disorientated!  Tonight I was determined to finish the race in whatever position - just finish!
The weather was not summer like - very muddy and very very wet...

Enjoyed a good first lap tussle with Mike Jeffries and Rosie Smith of Durham with Chris Rumsey making up the lead group of four.   On the second lap the group split into two with Mike and Rosie stepping up a gear and pulling away.   I managed to lose Chris and resigned myself to 3rd but watching the race ahead as Mike was pushed all the way by Rosie, fresh from a great run in the Blaydon Race.  Dont think MIke was expecting that!

Finished 3rd overall in a time of 18.35 for the 3.25 mile course.  Happy with an average pace of 5-43 overall on a challenging muddy course.  Even happier considering I raced on Sunday and have enjoyed a quality training week so far as I build up to some summer races.

Maybe people had forgotten my mishap in my last Preston Park race and tonights performance would be enough to erase the memories....not so it seems as someone shouted out at the presentation as I stepped up to get my 2nd Male Prize....."You managed not to get lost this year then!" Doh!   Seems people will never forget that Bl**dy night!

Yeah Yeah I didnt get lost!


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