Saturday, 25 June 2011

Me and my Virtual Partner!

On this mornings run there were three of us.   A lethargic me heading out on my usual Saturday morning run to Lazenby and the energetic me who turned an averagely steady run into a great tempo run.   The third person was my "virtual garmin partner" - a strange little fella who has to be told what pace to go and he wont deviate from it...he doesn't talk at all just beeps every now and again oh and he doesn't wait for you if he goes past you.

I stopped at my usual set of ralings half way out and stretched having only managed a relatively slow 6-40 pace out for the first four miles or so.   It took a few minutes for me to work out the technology needed to activate my "virtual partner" but I challenged him (or is it a her?) to 4 miles @ 6 mins per mile.  That should blow the cobwebs away on an early saturday morning.  The first three miles saw me leave my virtual partner for dead as I clocked a 5-44, another 5-44 and a 5-43 leaving the last mile to hang on to my lead - surely I was home and dry from the VP!  I pushed on and waited for the final beep - if my virtual partner was real he would have faded badly by now but he never gives up!   A solid 5-33 on my last mile saw me claim victory by a minute and 14 seconds....22.46 for four miles.

Its great having a virtual partner - he's just not great at conversation!

Beat ya!

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