Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Dashing Good Race!

Perfect conditions today at the Dash and some super quick times.  The course was slightly different to last year but followed the same basic out and back course.  It was a super loaded field at the front end and the times on the day reflect the quality of the field.  Local athlete Matty Hynes took the win in a super quick 29.23.  14 athletes went under 30 minutes and of these  10 set personal bests including Vet 40 winner Andrew Ward of Clowne AC in 29.57.

In the Ladies race Louise Damen took the win with a quality 33.04 (pb).   Ist Vet 40 Lady was Emma Stepto of Cornwall in a pb of 33.23.    Emma ran 2:35.02 at the Amsterdam Marathon which shows what a quality athlete she is.  

My own race went to plan.   I was hoping for a sub 34 and managed to just achieve that with a 34.02 gun time translating into a 33.58 chip time.   First 5km 16:50, Second 5km 17:08.   In comparison to last year I'm two seconds down so don't think Ive hit the downward slide yet.   Half joked today that I would like to do a sub 34 every year until I'm 50!   1st Vet 50 today was Keith Smith of Tyne Bridge Harriers in 34:05.   Think I may have found a nice long term target for myself!

Setting off with intent!  Honestly I enjoy this running lark!

The finishing straight.   Clock ticking towards 34 minutes!

That's it now.   End of the season and no more races until Helsby Half Marathon in January.  Time for some rest and recovery and a few easy weeks.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dashing Ahead!

A week tomorrow and it's the Abbey Dash!  Looking back at last years training diary I'm in much better shape this year than last.  I have a marathon pb in the bag just five weeks ago and have had the most consistent year that I can remember.

So far in 2014 I have averaged 57 miles per week and clocked up 2561 miles.    In the world of Garmin stats I can also say with confidence that this is my best year in recent times as my average speed is 9.2 miles per hour.  That's what the stats say but actually more importantly for me is that I feel like this has been my best year for a long long time.  The stats just confirm that! Ive also managed to stay relatively injury free.  My training has been a bit different this year with a bit more emphasis on endurance and less on all out speed..maybe that's a sign of ageing as a runner!

Next week at the Abbey Dash will be the end of my racing season and time to put my feet up for a few weeks and look forward to some marathon training again. 

I'm hopeful of a decent run but although my fitness seems in a great place my speed post Chester Marathon doesn't seem to be quite there.  Ive put in some decent sessions in the last two weeks and don't feel too far away from being in top shape but I know I haven't done the sessions to think about smashing the sub 34 barrier.  I managed 33.56 and 130th place last year and all being well I will be in that region again.  I'm sure it will be a great race and competitive at all levels.  its one of those races!

Last two week block of training looks like this:

Sunday 27th October - Steady 7 miles in the wind @ 7 minute miling followed by a treadmill session later in the day 5 miles in 29.20.

Monday 28th October - Easy 4 miles @ 7 minute miling

Tuesday 29th October - 4 miles am then an interval based session on the road (pm).  6 x 800m (2.46 to 2.48) with 600m recovery at marathon pace with a 5:50 mile to finish.

Wednesday 30th October - 5.5 miles am @ 7 minute miling.   Treadmill session pm 4 miles in 24 minutes.

Thursday 31st October - Tempo based session at the track with efforts at 10km pace.  1 x 1200m, 2x 800m and 2 x 400m with 400s at marathon pace as recovery.   Managed 4.5 miles in total!  

Friday 1st November - Easy recovery run on grass.  5 miles @ 7 minute miling.

Saturday 2nd November - 10 mile tempo run @ 5-53 pace. 

Sunday 3rd November - Easy 4 miles am recovery run @ 7-30 miling.  Opted for a treadmill run later in the day and did 2 x 4 miles in 23.01 and 22.50.  

Monday 4th November - Easy 4 miles am @ 7-15 miling.

Tuesday 5th November - Easy 4 miles @ 6-35 miling.  Pm run 8 x 800m with a 2 minute recovery between.  All reps between 2.41 and 2.45. 

Wednesday 6th November - Easy recovery run am 3 miles @ 7-30 miling.  pm.  Treadmill run 4 miles in 23.44.

Thursday 7th November - 4 x 1 mile on the track @ 10km pace.  5,27, 5.27, 5.26 and 5.25 with a 400m jog recovery between.

Friday 8th November - steady 5.6 mile recovery @ 6-50 pace.

Saturday 9th November - 11 miles in 65.07 (ave 5.55 pace).  

Taper time now and all set for the Dash!