Thursday, 30 June 2011

An odd distance.....Part 2...smashed it!

On 10th May I wrote in my blog about the "odd distance tempo" that I use...3.94 miles.   I recorded my best time of 22.03 then and five days later ran a very pleasing Half Marathon in Chester!  Job well done...

I seem to have stepped up a gear since then and have concentrated on some shorter distance stuff.

Tonight I smashed the "odd distance tempo" with a very controlled 21:25..average of 5-26 miling. 

Am I on the verge of something good!    Running 5km on track on Sunday as a decent training run - the longer term aim is the Great North 10km in Gateshead on July my number today...happy to be classified by NOVA as a "fast club runner" but even happier with the personalised number....classy!

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