Monday, 30 May 2011

It's a fine line!

It's a fine line between being injury free and having a niggle!  It's a fine line between an average of 6-01 and 5.59 on a tempo run!  

Today I attempted my usual out and back route along to Lazenby Village from Marske.   Straight out and back with no loops or extras - simple!   The weather was wet, drizzly..the kind of rain that gets you wet!   I didn't mind as once I get my head round that Lazenby run I dont mind the weather - just take it as it comes.   As I set off I felt a bit of a niggle in my left knee and made a mental note to myself that with all my recent miles I need to make time for a bit of foam rolling on the IT band...experience has taught me to recognise the signs that this is one niggle that can develop and stop you in your tracks...I have always found it fairly easy to treat with a combination of massage, ice and stretching but as I said it's a fine line!

Having ran intervals yesterday I could forgive myself for going easy today but once I got into the groove of the run the thoughts soon turned to chasing sub a 6 minute miling average for the course.   On the way out it seemed hard work and at four miles just before turning to come back I clocked 24.27.   As soon as I started on the run back I concentrated on being nice and relaxed but building up the pace assisted by the slight downhill of the course and having the wind behind me.   Mile splits of 5-57, 5-56, 5-54 then a 5-53 gave me a 48-09 for the 8 mile course and an average of 6.01 per mile!   As I said it's a fine line between 6-01 average and sub 6 minute miling!  Still a good run in the bag particularly after yesterday's intervals.

Some great news today from America as my good friend Andrew Willows posted a quality 3-51.51 on his debut Marathon at the Bayshore Marathon.

Closer to home my attention is now starting to turn to the Redcar Half Marathon where I will enjoy a slightly different experience of being in the organising team rather than as a runner.  I know a few club mates are running in the event this year and are chasing Sub 75's to get into London next year through the championship pressure boys but my application is already in the post!  

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