Sunday, 22 May 2011

What next?

There are a few decisions to be made.

1.   Do I continue to work on the marathon training and do Nottingham Marathon in September?

2.   Do I look at doing a few 5000m and 3000m races on the track over the summer and delay a Marathon until next Spring?

3.   What are the races over the summer that I want to concentrate on?

My run at Chester has given me the qualifying time for London 2012 Championship Race.  I really enjoyed running the longer distance and felt strong enough to not be daunted by a Marathon in three and a half months or so.    I have already entered Nottingham but know I can run the Half Marathon on the day but feel I need an early decision to give me some focus.

Saturday mornings have become a key session for me and the build up to Chester has seen me running a longish hard run between 9 and 12 miles at a pace hovering around or under 6 minute miling.  The focus for most of these runs have been the Half Marathon at Chester.   This Saturday I drifted, I felt like I was running without a purpose, no real reason to push myself to the limit and struggled to lift myself to anything like the past few months.  10 miles completed but my fastest mile was a 6-40 mile with the rest around 7 minute miling.   

I need a plan....quick!

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