Thursday, 19 May 2011

Track Time!

In an effort to get closer to some of my old pb's I am turning my attention to some track sessions this summer.  I cannot remember the last time I did a session of 400's on the track but tonight was an opportunity to test myself with an old favourite session.

2 sets of 8 x 400.  Decided on a 1:1 recovery between the 400s with the plan to hit them at about 75 to 80 seconds.  Recovery between the two sets approx 5 mins.

1st set:  76, 75, 74, 75, 74, 75, 74, 75

2nd set:  77, 74, 74, 74, 76, 75, 75, 75

A good start to what I hope will be a good summer of racing...tonight was a tough session but it was great to have company for the session with Phil M. (fresh from two pb's over 10km and 5km in recent weeks) sharing the workload!

My race plans for the summer are starting to take shape and I have now entered the Great North 10km in Gateshead and looking to do the Silksworth 5km a few days later. 

Still no definite decision on a September Marathon (Nottingham).  Given that this was about getting a qualifying time for London 2012 and I now do not need to do that I may do Middlesbrough 10km instead the week before and opt for the Half in Nottingham...decisions decisions!

I just hope I can walk in the morning after tonight's efforts!

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