Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cracked it!

I planned a 6 x 1 mile session tonight and it was weighing on my mind throughout the day...I know it will do me good and once I finish the session I will feel good.  The problem is it is so damn hard to do!

It looked like it would be a windy night so instead of using the usual mile course in Saltburn we (Graham Youngson and I) opted for the track at Guisborough.  Graham opted for a session of 12 x 400's while I kept to my plan of a 6 x 1 mile session with three and a half mins recovery.     It was great to see the track so busy tonight with  lots of enthusiastic kids, committed coaches and some familiar faces all busy undertaking various track and field training.   I was aiming for a session under about 5-30 pace and once I go going found that I was running well under that.  First mile rep done in 5-18 and only another five to go!   By the end of my second mile (5-17) the track was emptying, the sky was becoming darker but  now I was running in the "zone".   The next four miles were done in 5-18, 5-15, 5-17 and finally 5-24.   Cracked it!

The track at Guisborough is such a great place to train - It is a great asset to Athletics in our area and will be a venue that I will use more often in my quest for a speedy summer of running!    Now time for shower, pasta and a shuffle to the polling station.....

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