Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Its all about recovery!

After Sunday's race it was time for a few easy days running....or so I thought!    Monday became my Saturday Morning out and back session where I usually push it hard on the way back to make it a meaningful tempo type effort.  As I ran out with the wind behind me I felt fresh and easy despite the race the day before.   On the turn back I realised the wind was against me so the second half was a bit of an effort!  I did 8.5 miles in under 6-15 min miling so happy with that and seemingly no ill effects from the race.     As often happens its the day after the day after a  race that the dreaded DOMS hits you.  

This morning I got out of bed slightly apprehensive about a run but having made a commitment to run early before work I set about my morning shuffle...Once the first mile was out of the way I felt normal again and finished my three miler without resorting to a crawl!    Tonight's run a different story with a quick four miler under my belt at a shade under 6 minute miling...all recovered and ready for a good session of 6 x 1 mile intervals planned for Thursday.   Seems my powers of recovery are pretty good at the moment! 

Next race is Chester Half in less than a fortnight....those on the other side of the Pennines better watch out cos I'm on a winning streak!

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