Monday, 23 May 2011

Wind, a sore foot and belated birthday cocktails!!

The last few days have been a struggle...Saturday's run left me a bit deflated and in need of a few easy days so the wind that has been rattling around the last two days has meant an enforced easy few days...I enjoy running in most weathers but the wind really does wear you down as a runner.

Enjoyed a few drinks on Saturday night as a reward for a relatively sober birthday weekend the previous was also a good opportunity to try out my new cocktail shaker!   Sunday and today were both easy days with just a nominal four mile battle into the wind both days.  

I also have picked up an annoying foot injury which I am 99% sure is to do with timing chips!   I have a swollen and bruised right foot at the point where I wore a timing chip in last weeks race...I know that this sounds a bit far fetched but after Thirsk 10 my left foot had similar problems (I wore my timing chip on the left in that race!).   So far it has not stopped me running but the kids are a bit hacked off with me for refusing to play football with them for the past few days.....they just wont accept my excuses that I'm a veteran and too old to kick a football about!

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