Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pre Race Nerves!

24 hours to go until the Sheffield 10km.     I have been happy with my training over the past few weeks and all signs are looking good for a decent race tomorrow.   I decided to do my interval session this week on Monday to allow an extra bit of recovery.   Most of my recent 10kms have been a case of a fast first 4 or 5 miles then a bit of a struggle in the final mile.    I'm hoping tomorrow that with a slighty more cautious start I can crack the final mile and achieve the goal of a sub 34.   There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a race right and finishing strong at the end.   Compare that to the feeling of getting it wrong and finishing like Bambi on ice and you will know what I mean!

Once tomorrows race is done and dusted it will be cross country all the way for me for the winter.  Tomorrow sees the first NYSD Fixture at Acklam Grange.  The spikes will be in the car just in case I manage to negotiate getting out of Sheffield and get to the start in time. It will only be a case of making up the numbers if I need to...otherwise I will enjoy the first cross of the season as a spectator!

On Thursday I was a spectator again on the track as I put three athletes through a decent session of 6 x 800m alternating 10km pace with 5km pace.    Well done to Jayne Parkin, Clare Lowe and Eddie Meehan who put in masses of effort and showed super pace judgement.  Looking forward to regular track sessions over the winter both as a coach and as a participant - you can't beat it!

I will be using the NYSD League races as decent hard efforts and concentrate on the North Eastern Championships in December and Northern Cross Country Championships in January.

I love cross country!

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