Tuesday, 4 October 2011

8 x 800 - an old classic!

Feeling the effects this morning of an 8 x 800m session on the roads of Saltburn.  It marked the third tough session in three days and was the last tough session before Sheffield 10km on Sunday.     Just easy running now before Sunday, lots of stretching (holding for 30 seconds of course!) and plenty of work on the ITB using the foam roller.

It was a windy night last night but managed to complete a good set of 8 x 800m with 3 mins recovery.   A nice consistent set with interval times of 2-40, 2-38, 2-41, 2-40, 2-38, 2-38, 2-35, 2-38, 2-39. 

A good session also by Phil Musgrave who showed some of the start of year form that smashed his 5km pb and led to good performances in the relays and at Thirsk 10. 

A few things from the Athletics World this week that deserve a mention....

Scott Overall  who ran a great debut marathon in Berlin did so without wearing a watch or a GPS device on which proves you can get it right without worrying about your mile splits or your average pace per mile etc.  His splits are pretty impressive with 10km in 30.46, Half way in 65.17 and a 2-10.55 finish (2nd half in 65-38).   Respect!

International Cross Country runner Steph Twell returned to racing at the Southern Road Relays on the 25th September having recovered from a badly broken ankle in January in a Cross Country race.  she posted the 8th fastest time of the day which is great news for her.   It's always good to hear of an athlete coming back from a serious injury and I am sure she is working hard to gain full fitness again. 

Sometimes its a long road back from injury and most runners will make this journey on more than one occasion!  Its never easy!

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