Sunday, 2 October 2011

Everything hurts!

Over the past few months I have been getting a bit of treatment on my ITB that has been a bit niggly...I have also had a few massages just to "keep me right!"   On Saturday I decided to do my usual out steady and tempo back session early in the morning and go off for a relaxing sports massage to end another 50 mile week.   The tempo session went well with a decent 4 mile effort (after a four mile steady out).  The average for the session out was about 6-25 min per mile and I came back averaging 5-41 per mile.   It wasn't as quick as a session two weeks ago but all the same it was a decent effort considering the early start and the hot weather.

So onto the massage....  a little tightness on the left hamstring, ITB a little bit tight but other than that am ok was the reply to the physio when she asked me if I had any injury issues. 45 minutes later as I struggled to get up from the treatment table and tried to bend down to put my shoes on I learned that......

1.   My calf muscles were full of knots and painful areas skillfully found by the physio and worked on...the dreaded question was asked "do you hold your stretch for 30 seconds?"  This threw me as I usually do stretch but have to admit it's not usually for 30 seconds...the pause before I answered was enough to confirm that I didnt!

2.   Hamstrings were worked on and the ITB was pummelled...."Your ITB is like a rope!"   The tone of the voice was enough to convince me this was not a compliment...My ilio tibial band is my nemesis at the moment...despite lots of attention with the foam roller it seems to be winning the battle!    Massage seems to be the only thing that is making a difference but now armed with a new super stretch (and holding it for 30 seconds) I will be attacking it more regularly from now on.

Having endured 30 minutes of pain so far the finale was the problems anticipated there as they felt fine going into the massage.   Ouch!   Plenty of wincing still to be had as the physio successfully located plenty of painful areas to work on.

Todays run was an interesting affair...feeling stiff from a combination of the massage and from yesterdays tempo I decided to go for a longer run aiming to get a minimum of 10 miles at a pace close to 6.15 pace.   Took me a while to get into my stride with the first 6 miles all around 6-20 pace but managed to push on and ran a further six miles at about 6-10 pace.  12 miles in total at an average of 6-15.  

Its a bit of a taper week ahead for me as I intend to race Sheffield 10km on Sunday...Sunday is also the first NYSD Cross Country of the season so am a bit gutted that I might miss that.   I dont know too much about the Sheffield course but the winning times in the past four years have been quick so I am hopeful of a decent race.

2010 Craig Mottram (AUS) 28:50
2009 Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) 28:30
2008 Mustafa Mohamed (SWE) 29:10
2007 John Kibowen (KEN) 28:40

2010 Freya Murray (GB) 33.01
2009 Freya Murray (GB) 32:38
2008 Grace Momyan (KEN) 32:44
2007 Benita Johnson (AUS) 32:55

I just hope this Indian Summer doesn't last...a nice cool, drizzly Yorkshire day would be nice next Sunday!

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