Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Double Digits on 800s!

Last night's session is still in my head, my body still aches from it and my racing flats are still soaked through!   Sometimes a session just feels good from the start and just gets better and better...doesn't happen often but good when it does!   I switched my main interval session from Thursday to Tuesday due to my intention to race in The North East Harrier League on Saturday at Farringdon and decided to join the Hepples training group on the Field of Dreams that is Victoria Terrace in Saltburn.  

I dont often go into a session "blind" but decided that I would take whatever was thrown at me by Coach can feel the anticipation of the group post warm up when "PC" addresses the troops!   10 x 800m with a jog back recovery was the medicine on offer....duly accepted with a few whoops of inner excitement along with a few nerves!  After a bit of banter, sorting out recoveries, order of starts etc we were under starters orders and off!  

10 x 800m is no easy option and after a first "settler" in 2.37 I put together a good mini set of 5 @ 2.32.    Six down just four to go!   This is where they get harder...legs like jelly...that jog recovery getting harder and the 800s seeming more like miles it was extra satisfying for the last four to be around 2.36.     With the rain teeming down at this point and the session done the post session warm down was a wet affair but once that session is in the bag the old weather can do what it likes! 

I was reminded by a facebook friend that this was a good Yasso's 800m set...where 10 x 800m done during a marathon build up can give a good marathon prediction.   My average last night was almost bang on 2.35 per 800m - I would be more than happy with a 2.34/2.35 marathon but predicition tools are one thing but they aren't a substitute for getting out there and doing the business!  

Talking of Marathons I was intending to go long this winter with a London Marathon outing but have decided to concentrate on shorter distances and have a good crack at Cross Country.   So I will be donning the spikes regularly over the winter and looking forward to good performances at North Eastern Cross Country, Northern Championships and finally a trip to Bath for my first ever BMAF Cross Country. 

This Saturday will see me do the latest North East Harrier League - I have to start in the slow pack and gain promotion up the packs to the fast pack...this marks another new running experience for me as I have not done a "Harrier League" before.  

Well done to all those "lucky" people who entered the Brass Monkey today....apparently sold out in under two hours - who said running is in decline!

info on Yasso 800s here...,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html

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