Sunday, 9 October 2011

All Change!

Sometimes you just dont feel right and yesterday afternoon I got a wave of tiredness that has resulted in me changing my plans from going down to Sheffield and running in the 10km to staying closer to home and running in the NYSD at Acklam.  Having had a busy week at work, a lads curry night out in Whitby on Friday and a trip to the cinema and Pizza Hut yesterday with six kids for a birthday party meant I didnt fancy the thought of a 200 mile round trip to Sheffield and It sounds like we have a great team going along to Acklam so I'm looking forward to mixing it with all the usual crowd of mud lovers!

Spikes are ready and raring to go and I'm looking forward to start of the XC season...there is just something about Cross Country that is hard to resist! 

For those people who like a podcast and are interested in Scott Overall's Marathon build up, race day approach etc there is a fantastic interview that is well worth listening to.  Scott ran a debut 2-10 marathon in Berlin recently and the interview can be found at..

Check it out!   Will "Double blog" today with news on the NYSD. Bring on the mud!

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