Friday, 26 August 2011

Decisions Decisions!

I have officially switched allegiance to Brooks shoes after a long and happy marraige with my Saucony Omni's I have decided to see what the fuss is about with the new Brooks DNA...cradle type thing - apparently it is like a memory foam for your feet...sounds good.   With a load of race vouchers in my hand I ventured to Up and Running in Darlington and made the purchase of a nice shiny pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s.   No miles yet run in them but a quick check on the treadmill gait analysis confirmed the shoes are a good un.  

BUT........on closer inspection out of the box what do I find...they have only gone and put two sets of laces in the box...A nice corporate grey pair that match the shoes very nicely...and a bright yellow pair that say "look at me I am making a statement!"

After much dilemma and soul searching I asked the family....Wife Alison said grey....Youngest Son - got to be yellow they look cool....Oldest son....Couldn't care less - running is rubbish anyway!

What have I decided ? of each...Yes I am going to go totally crazy and wear one grey and one yellow!   I know I know it's a bit mad but hey life is about living right?

Cant wait to get stuck into the viewing of the World Champs from Daegu this week...Go Mo Go Mo!   I will be looking out for other crazy dudes wearing shoelaces of different colours!

Happy Running Folks!

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