Tuesday, 23 August 2011

4 x 1 mile hard in the rain!

I love running in the rain!    I'm not sure that extends to running intervals in the rain!   Tonight I opted for a hard option rather than an easy option of a steady run in the rain.   4 x 1 mile with 2 minutes recovery.   With only a short time before Middlesbrough 10km I want to get a few key sessions in and this was one of those sessions.   I wanted to hit under 5-30 pace for the four intervals to equate to around 34 minute pace for 10km.  Typically a still night on our estate didnt mean a still night on the coast road and intervals one and three would be into a slight headwind - rain and wind - nice!
Mile 1 :  5:29
Mile 2:   5:21
Mile 3:   5:27
Mile 4 :  5:24

Job done and back home for a shower and some warm (we are still in August aren't we?).   Must have worked hard tonight as cramped up on the cool down - no pain no gain!

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