Friday, 12 August 2011

Camp Clumber!

Its been a while since my last a bit of a catch up since my last blog I have not raced since Sunderland 5km (where I enjoyed a good blast over 5km in 16.32)....lots of non running things going on like a great family wedding, helping organise the first ever Redcar Triathlon and a camping holiday in Clumber Park!

I managed to keep a decent amount of running going in Clumber and covered about 72 miles over 9 days - mostly off road with some decent efforts over 9 miles at a decent pace (between 6 and 6-15 miling).   Coming back I feel pretty good despite the over indulgence in red wine (i believe compulsory when camping!)

My ITBS (and associated knee pain) seems to be generally on the mend although at times It sends a few reminders to get me back on the foam roller again.  

Sunday's Darlington 10km will be a test for me and see where I am.  I have raced the Darlo 10km three times and amazingly ran each time within three seconds (34-52, 34-54 and 34-53).  It's a challenging course but I feel a 34-30 might be on the cards this year but my main aim is Middlesbrough 10km in three weeks time.   Havn't done a speed session for a few weeks but enjoyed a decent run out last night on my usual Ings course and managed my second best time ever so I know I am in decent shape.

My holiday read was Mark Cavendish's Boy Racer.   That guy (Cavendish) is some racer and a real hero of British Cycling...One thing that came through in his book was the passion and determination he has for his sport...he is often misunderstood and at odds with the establishment but the book made me feel a great respect for the guy who has won some 20 stages in the Tour De France and this year winning the coveted Green Jersey - the guy is a legend in my eyes!  I would recommend the book to anyone who has a love for sport and wants to understand a bit more behind the scene of cycling as a sport.

Darlo here I come on Sunday !

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