Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tees Forest 5km at Cowpen Bewley

Despite a slight mishap at the start which sent the leaders off course (I may have been the culprit missing the first turn!) it was an enjoyable night in Cowpen Bewley for the Tees Trail 5km.   The outcome of the mishap was that I found myslelf going from leader to something like 15th and had to put in a 5-25 first mile to recover my position.   I then enjoyed a good tussle with Gary Grounds before he gained an advantage going into the last lap.  

Finished in 2nd place in the end about 25 seconds behind Gary who looked as strong as ever.  That is three 2nd place finishes for me so hopefully I have done enough to win the Vet 40 section!   Averaged 5-44 pace overall for the race so it was a good workout in the end.   Now easy for a few days before Sunday.   Hopefully I wont find myself in the position of leading the field off track again!   The moral of the story is always listen to the Race Directors instructions on the start line!

Tonight post race (compression socks on and using a bit of ice on the knee) I was flicking through Athletics Weekly and was reading about the World Masters Track and Field Championships in Sacramento.  Curiosity took me to the results to se what the World M40 guys were doing.  The mens V40 5000m was won in a very creditable 15.22.30 by an Argentinian Athlete called Castro...good work.   What really caught my imagination though was the M95 - 99 category.   It seems this guy is the one to look out for...Antiono Fonseca
Antonio Fonseca - Brazilian Legend!

Triple World Champion in the 100m (26.27 secs) the Shot Putt (7.01m) and the Discus (14.97m).....I bet he is a total hit on the beach with the ladies as well!  Nice Work Antonio!   I bet he cant wait to hit the 100 to move up another category to bag some more medals!

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