Thursday, 7 July 2011

Speedy Sessions

Its been a while since I can say I have done three top quality sessions in six days - happy with all the sessions and definite progress being made which all bodes well for the next few races starting with the Great North 10Km and followed up with the Silksworth 5km.   After my 16.39 track 5km on Sunday I feel like I can run low 34 in the 10km (or even sub 34) and 16.30 or under for the 5km.  To be honest the races can't come soon enough and I hope that with a few more sharpening sessions I will be ready and raring to go in 10 days time.

I followed up the 5km with a session of 400's on the Coast Road.   The session was hard work (I dont think 400s are meant to be easy though!) and a little bit wayward as there was the usual strong breeze along the front but I completed the intended set of 12 with 90 seconds recovery between.   For the record the intervals were:  77, 75, 73,75, 71, 74, 73, 74, 72, 75, 75 and 73. 

Today I opted for 800's on the usual saltburn circuit.  Its been a few weeks since I last did them and I was in good company tonight - its always easier to do these with a partner.   Phil M who has been matching me on these 800s over the winter had a great session - he must have been working hard as he claimed he could "taste his lungs!"   - a new one on me but I was impressed that he was willing to push himself to what seemed to be an extreme state of  exertion - top man - I like to train with people who push themselves like that!

Without a doubt this was my best ever 800 session on this course....After a decent opening of a 2-36 I clocked 2-32, 2-30, 2-29, 2-30 and a final 2-29.    

Good luck to all those running in the Kilburn Feast Race this of my favourite races in a real traditional village atmosphere.

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