Saturday, 28 January 2012

A run with the greatest!

Today was the end of a great week as far as my comeback goes.   50 miles in the bag thanks to a 14 miler today which officially kick starts my marathon training in 2012.  1 hour 38 minutes and an average of just over 7 minute miling.    It all started last Sunday with my successful easy run around the woods which confirmed my ankle sprain is almost recovered.    I also completed an hours run on Wednesday night on the road and a 10 x 400m session on the track on Thursday which was the first bit of speed of the year.  Times were not spectacular with most hovering about 80 seconds but it was a good start.

Todays long run was made easier by listening to the fantastic Marathon Talk podcast which I have followed weekly since the first episode.  In 2011 there were some fab interviews including the great Steve Jones (2.07 Marathon runner), Paula Radcliffe, Liz Yelling and Scott Overall.   This week was a real coup for the guys as they interviewed probably the greatest runner of all time Haile Gebrselassie.   He talks about his rivalry with the kenyans, tells people to respect the marathon distance and how he cannot run from his house in the daytime as he gets mobbed by fans!  Fantastic stuff - a training run with the greatest chatting away to me - that makes the miles tick along easier!     For my next long run I am going to listen to the Steve Jones interview again - a true hardman of marathon running!  If you have never checked out marathon talk then you should!

Thanks for keeping me company Haile!

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