Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Almost there!

Last friday's physio session was a massage/ultrasound combination that seems to have unlocked some of the swelling around my ankle bone and allowed me to progress onto a bit more running (note the physio said "dont go mad!").  The only failure for me was an inability to really lift my injured ankle off the floor in a hop!  So that means running is ok as long as I resist the urge to throw in some triple jump training drills en route!

Saturday I woke up feeling positive and ready for a run only for this feeling to be slightly dashed once I put my feet on the floor and realised that the previous nights physio session had left me a little stiff in the ankle and a little bit painful.   After a few mobility exercises and a walk of the dog I was on my way to the beach for an off road steady run.  4 miles later I was feeling a little bit more optimistic but at the same time slightly uneasy after having to stop for a stretch and loosen off of the ankle after 2 miles.

Sunday I managed a very steady 6 miles around the woods with my long time training partner Graham Youngson..maybe it was the catching up on news that made the time pass by quickly but before long we had cracked 6 miles and no ankle pain or stiffness...the best run of 2012 to date!

The last two days have seen a bit more progress with a steady 6 miles again yesterday in the woods followed today by a three mile road loop where I was closer to 7 minute miling and starting to feel strong again.   Still a bit of a way to go and for me the key now is to build up the running with more than half an eye on the mobility exercises and proprioception (balance) exercises using the wobble cushion!

Race wise I have no immediate plans but looking to do Thirsk 10 on 25th March followed by either Hartlepool 5 or the North Tyneside 10km in April.  Until then it's some base work to gradually get back to full speed....5.20 miling does seem a long way away but I will get there!

23 miles in the bag last week (up to 22nd January) - as the physio said best not to go mad!

Last January was one of my best months of the year with 241 miles of running...not even a Ron Hill type week this week will get me anywhere near that total this January but there is plenty of time left to attack the miles in the rest of 2012!

The Wobble Cushion - my old favourite!


  1. Good to hear/read your on the mend again.
    My mini comeback as crashed again!!
    bloody groin!

  2. Hope it clears up soon! They take a while in my experience! A