Thursday, 19 January 2012

A change is as good as a rest!

As my ankle becomes stronger with each run I am looking forward to getting some overdue miles in to start my 2012 account.   So far all my runs have been two or three miles long with varying success as my ankle slowly improves.   Tonights run of three miles seemed to be a big breakthrough as my ankle felt strong with just a slight ache in it from three and a half weeks of rehab, recovery and very little running.

Positives from the injury:  Enforced rest and change of routine has forced me to swim, aqua jog and cycle more than I would have done had I not been injured.   Hopefully my body will be stronger coming back into my running and I intend to keep the water based exercise going for a while to make sure I stay strong in 2012.

I don't expect to feature in any cross country races again this winter so decided to use the opportunity to switch clubs from North York Moors AC to New Marske Harriers (currently my second claim club for track only).   I'm really excited about this switch as I hope it will help kick start my 2012 campaign and will give me a lot of focus in the forthcoming year.  

New Marske were my first ever athletics club and I have many good memories of my time with them from about 1987 to approximately 1992 before moving across to the North West.   Since then the club has developed into a real force in the North East running scene and I still feel that I can still contribute to the club in road relays and other team events although judging by the quality of some of the athletes in the club now competition will be fierce for places!

It's back to the physio tomorrow night hopefully for a final check up, treatment to reduce some awkward swelling around the ankle bone and sign off!    All being well I will be back on track for the marathon training on the 1st February which will give me about thirteen and a half weeks to the Sunderland Marathon on May 6th which will be my first as a 40 year old.   I hope to attack my 2:48.56 pb which I think is probably a bit of a soft pb long overdue for improvement! 

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