Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How much do you love treadmills?

Love them or hate them a treadmill sometimes has it's advantages.   Personally I would rather not use them unless the weather is so bad it makes an outdoor run not an option!

This week I have done one session on the treadmill.  A four miler with a starting speed of about 15km/hour.  Every minute I upped the speed until the last mile where I hit about 17.5km/hour.   Finished the run in 23.51 which I was quite pleased with...better than braving the cold and wind outside.

So three reasons why I dont particularly like treadmills....

1.   They usually involve either waiting for someone to finish or involve a guilty feeling that someone is waiting for you to finish.
2.   Indoor running just is'nt outdoor running!  I get bored easily on a treadmill despite six TV screens to watch!
3.   Lack of air, variation or scenery!......I could go on....

Imagine then spending the next 7 days on a treadmill......This is an extract from Sharon Gayter's website....

Sharon set off on her record bid this morning at 11am supported by a good crowd and officially started by Councillor Brenda Thompson. TV crews from the BBC and ITV, radio crews and newspaper reporters were all in attendance to cover the event launch.

After less than 7 hours there was some drama when the treadmill equipment failed. Sharon was almost due a meal break but the food was not ready so unfortunately some time was lost from the schedule while a back up machine was organised.

By 9pm Sharon was back on track, in good spirits and feeling comfortable having completed 70.89kms.

Current record for the furthest distance run by a person for 7 days on a treadmill is 753km set by Lee Chamberlain on 18th – 25th July 2009.

My record attempt will begin at midday on 14th December and finish at midday on 21st December 2011.

The event will be held in the Olympia Building at Teesside University and is open to the public.

This is a charity event as well as a record attempt so please support Sharon on

All I can say is Wow!

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