Tuesday, 20 December 2011

7 Days in the life of a runner!

The last seven days for me has been a good week for me with some quality sessions in.   Last Thursday I managed a decent track session of 5 x 2km @ Half Marathon pace.  A very pleasing session in tough conditions.   This was followed up with a treadmill tempo of 4 miles @ 5.30 pace earlier this week as icy roads meant steady running only was possible. 

Tonights track session was one of the best of the year for me with a 20 x 400m session in the bag.  The intention was to run this at around 10km pace and limit the recovery to 1 minute.   In the end I went much quicker and averaged more like 3km pace for the 400s.  Especially pleased with the second half of the session where I managed to hold the session together despite the increasing fatigue in my legs. 

Congratulations to Sharon Gayter who tonight smashed the World Record for running 7 days on a treadmill by running over 468 miles in less than 7 days.  Now if it was me doing it I would be on my cool down now and reflecting on the glory of being a World Record Holder, catching up on sleep, watching a bit of Corrie on V+ and eating copius amounts of pasta to aid recovery!   Not a chance with Sharon she wants to smash the record and is continuing up to 12pm tomorrow. 

I reckon Sharon is going to continue until she hits the 500 mile mark at least - maybe a new version of the Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" might be in order to celebrate

Sunshine On Leith


Please help Sharon with her chosen charities and donate here....


Well done Sharon!

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