Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ageing well!

Last week I attended a conference with work with the main subject of ageing well.  My own interest in this area is around keeping people physically active as they move towards the age classed by the public sector as "ageing".  Incidentally this is now seen as 50!  Just 10 more years for me until I hit this benchmark!

How appropriate then that my first edition of Masters Athletics pops through the letterbox today courtesy of me joining the BMAF (British Masters Athletics Federation).   A "masters" athlete is now classed as 35 and over.   Its a good read and full of stats about masters athletics, a report about the recent Masters International Cross Country in Bellahouston park and details plenty of races to look forward to next year.

It made me think of the ageing well conference I attended where physical activity is just a small area of the bigger picture but in my "humble" opinion a vastly underrated one.   Flicking through the magazine it made me realise how great our sport is where "masters" in their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond enjoy all levels of competition.   How about these British Best Road Race performances detailed in the magazine.....

Male Vet 60 5km Record stands at 16.19 (Mike Hagar)
Female Vet 50 5km record stands at 17.06 (Fiona Matheson)

Male Vet 50 10km record stands at 30.35 (Tecwyn Davies)
Female Vet 50 10km record stands at 35.15 (Fiona Matheson)

Male Vet 50 Half Marathon stands at 66.42 (Martin Rees)
Women Vet 45 Half Marathon stands at 73.06 (Joyce Smith)

Male Vet 50 Marathon record stands at 2hrs 24.58 (Derek Lawson)
Women Vet 45 Marathon record stands at 2.32.48 (Joyce Smith)

I could go on......Ageing well?   I am opting for running any day over bridge clubs, knitting circles and day centres!

To prove my point I showed a picture of supervet Malcolm Renyard (Male 65+ winner in Glasgow) to my wife...

Q:  How old do you reckon he is then?

A:  38?

Need I say more.............

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