Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Vet 40 pb at Boro 10km but not a happy runner!

I went for it today....set off knowing that a quality run would be needed to hit the Sub 34 goal that I have set myself this year.   I am not one for negative splits (are these a mythical thing for non kenyan runners?).  The first few miles were bang on track with mile splits of 5-22, 5-25 and 5-21.   At 5km I really did feel good running 16-40 (only 8 seconds outside of my 5km best this year).  Surely it was just a case of ticking off those miles to get the sub 34?  

Mile 4 and plenty of movement in the group I was with as some of the group dropped off the pace and others pushed on.  Another 5-22 mile I was still feeling ok and making good progress.  The 5th mile started to feel a bit tough but I felt I had enough in the tank to keep the pace going and the 5.33 mile reflected the course profile and the stage of the race.  27.05 for five miles would be quicker than I have ran for some time...just 2km to go and 6 mins 55 in the bag to play with.....aaarggh who just took my legs away!   Not sure when the actual race went pear shaped for me as I do not remember the 9km mark I just remember the sudden onset of drowning in lactate and breathing like an old steam train driven by an asthmatic chain smoker!

Well done to fellow NYMAC member Vic Brudenell who ran a great race today to finish just one place ahead of me in 34.06.   I thought I had dropped Vic about 3km into the race but you can never write him off!   He probably ran a steady race (might have even done a negative split!) and finished tremendously having overtaken me on Hall Drive sometime between 9km and 10km.  Last mile split between 5 and 6 was a 5.53 with the last 400m taking me 85 seconds (respect to Mo doing a 53 second last lap - if only I could pull that one out of the bag I would be sat here raving about a sub 34!).

I know I put some effort in today as a threw up five minutes after I finished (I cannot remember ever doing that!).  

Well done Middlesbrough for another great 10km...Well done Ian Hudspith from Morpeth for flying the flag for us vet 40's winning the race outright with a fine 30.24.

On the positive side for me it was a Vet 40 pb by 6 seconds and it will move me up the Power of 10 rankings by a few places.  

On a final note well done Mo Farah on a fantastic Gold Medal in the 5000m! 

Results from Boro:

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