Thursday, 15 September 2011

Track session 3 x 3km

Tonights track session was one of those ones that plays on your mind all day...3 x 3km..thats 9km of hard running...thats 22.5 laps...thats...almost a 10km...thats....ok ok you get the point!

My aim tonight was to get close to 10km target pace for the 3km efforts but more importantly to hit all three efforts within 15 seconds of each other.

34 minute 10km pace is about 10.12 for the 3km so this was the target.

1st 3km = 10.22
2nd 3km = 10.09
3rd 3km = 10.12

Although my first effort was a bit slower than target the overall session was pleasing.   The difference target of 15 seconds from slowest to fastest was achieved with a 13 second differential.

I am branching out into a new area for me in running as I have revalidated my UKA Coaching Licence and am actively coaching four athletes at the moment with a few more coming into the group. 

A good solid session also by NYMAC Ladies Jayne Parkin and Lucy Clough who both completed tonights session with a 10 second differential across the set by Jayne and a 15 second differential across the set by Lucy.    Both athletes managed to hit target times for one of the three 3kms but the aim of the session was to get a consistent set of three x 3km in which they both get a big tick in the box...just need a few lessons on lap counting to be done :).    Well done both.

The other two athletes I coach both competed last weekend.  Phil Musgrave ran a solid 1.34.58 Half Marathon pb while Steve Mussett ran a solid relay leg in the Yorkshire Relays for Loftus and Whitby.   Its early days for all of them as they are all working to longer term aims over the winter and beyond.

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