Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kirby Moorside 10K - Hitting the Hills

Just a couple of days and a royal wedding before my next race.   I have heard that this race will be a bit of a challenge but having had a decent (and unexpected) race at the Mermaid 10k last week and another bout of good training I feel quite confident that I will run well on Sunday.  

My 34.10 at Marske was my fastest 10k for some 15 years....I hope this means that the training I've been doing is finally paying off.   The few days before a race is always a balancing run or not to run!  How much is overdoing it!   Since the Mermaid Race I have enjoyed some good sessions including a 12 miler @ 6-15 pace, an 8 miler @ 5-55 pace as well as a cracking 5 x 2000m session around Albert Park.   This was the toughest session I have done for some time and it was a relief to finish.  The aim of the session was to run at 10k pace.  Just about managed this but have to admit I was digging deep on the last 2km to keep to this pace....needless to say the compression socks were on as soon as I got home!    It's a great feeling to get one of those sessions under your belt.  

Its been steady running all the way since then apart from a few short intervals tonight just to fire the legs up.   Tomorrow it will be a case of feet up and not too much running...apparently there is a wedding on somewhere!

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