Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The dilemma - which way now!

After the decent run at Melmerby last week I knew that all things being equal I could expect a decent run at the Middlesbrough 5km.  The niggling doubt in my mind was the lack of specific 5km training I've been doing.    Most of my "sessions" have not quite hit 5km speed.  My sets of road based 800s have mainly been at 10km pace and my track work has just not quite hit full speed.

The lack of "speed" in my legs was underlined by the recent mile relay where I posted a relatively lacklustre 5-18 for the all out mile and although I tried to convince myself that the course wasn't that quick you just cant help looking at other results and thinking "Where's the speed gone!".

Thanks to Erin Corbyn for the ation shot!

The field at Middlesbrough was fully loaded with local star Matty Hynes expected to dominate the field but facing some stiff competition from last years winner Dominic Shaw and paralympian star Wondiye Fikre Indelbu with Veteran Ian Hudspith always likely to feature.   Results

My own race went well.  A seemingly "steady" start was actually surprisingly quick for me with a 5-06 but still quite a way down the field.  The next mile was a case of picking off the odd fast starter here and there and working my way through the field.  Another 5-06 and a few more people picked off it was down to the business end of the race with just a few people possibly "catchable" in my signts and a few people behind me who I was determined to hold off.  The third mile was a real tough one particularly given the twisting nature of the course at the finish but a 5-23 mile meant that the "chariots of fire" run in would be a case of job done in terms of the sub 16-30 but I was also determined that unlike last year I wasn't going to be "taken down" in the Riverside in a sprint finish.  Given that there was a bit of daylight it was a great feeling to run round the hallowed turf of the Riverside enjoying the atmosphere secure in the knowledge that nobody was going past me!

Stopped the watch at 16-20 and I was over the moon!  Its another 85% Age grader and beats the Melmerby performance to my number 1 race on age grading of all time. 

I can honestly say I don't know where that came from but it does present a bit of a dilemma in that the "script" was to do Middlesbrough 5km as a sort of end of the mini speed block that I planned "between marathons" and as a starting point for the next marathon campaign about 18 weeks away.

The question now is...Do I shorten the marathon build up and try and sharpen the speed up a bit more and target a few more 5kms/10kms or do i plough on with the marathon build up secure in the knowledge that I'm in great shape to cope with the miles ahead.

That's something I'm going to ponder this week and see how I feel.  There are a few race options I'm considering and its tempting to keep this momentum going but at the same time the thought of a long build up to Chester to really get things right in the marathon is tempting. 

On the age grading front an 85% is in the 2:34 region which to be honest is dreamland for me!  Can I find 5 minutes over the next 4 months?   Well its starting to feel believable!

There were some pretty spectacular performances on Sunday but three in particular stuck out for me. 

A massive pb for Steve Munro (newly joined New Marske Harrier) with a storming 15:47 for 11th place...watch this space this guy has massive potential!

A first time under 17 minutes for V45 Clive Thornton of New Marske Harriers showing that hard work and commitment equals results.

A massive pb for Michael Joyeux hitting the big time with a 16-06.  His blog is a great read.

Running is a good place at the moment!

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