Thursday, 5 June 2014

Marathon Time

Well thats it.  Decision made.  Im now officially in marathon training.   Week 1 of the 18 week plan is underway.

Tonights track session was the clincher.  The 400m intervals @ 3km pace with 200m recovery at marathon pace was just not happening tonight.   I didn't feel good, missed my splits and just felt flat.  Ive also looked at my build up to my last two marathons and the long build up has certainly helped especially given that the 18 weeks have been eaten into by the odd niggle and holidays.

So my first four weeks are planned out and I'm looking how best to accommodate some build up races into the plan without compromising the need for consistent long runs.

My target at Chester will be around 2-37 which will mean 6 minute miling for the 26.2 miles.  Thats going to be a big ask so the longer build up will certainly help.   My aim on each run is to make marathon pace seem easy, to be efficient at running at marathon pace and to effectively recover from key sessions.

For my last two marathons i've planned out the full build up only to find Ive needed to tweak it to take account of enforced change.  This year i've planned out a broad plan, looked at build up races and identified key weeks where I will do some big mileage.

Time is on my side and the first few long runs will just be about time on my feet.  The path is clear and its now down to me to make it happen!


  1. With time on your side how about taking a couple of weeks rest come very easy running. Recharge your batteries, give your body, legs and mind a much needed rest.
    Then start your marathon training keen as mustard and raring to smash them speed sessions. It's probably harder to rest and even more so when there is nothing wrong. I must admit I would probably carry on training myself in the fear of not wanting to
    loose any fitness but deep down know that rest would be better. Either way you seem to be doing an awesome job with your training and you just keep getting quicker.

  2. Good call, won't lose much fitness in a couple of weeks, can always do a tempo parkrun to have a little blow.