Thursday, 19 July 2012

Its been a while...


Doesn't time fly!  Its been a while since my last blog so it could be a long one...if only I could remember half of whats happened in the last three weeks or so since my last post.

Training has been going reasonably well up to the last week or so with a few decent track sessions in the bag and a few tempo type efforts at Redcar Locke parkrun.  One of the sessions on the track was a repeat of my 15 minute "Balke" test which I ran in June.  The distance covered was 2.83 miles compared to 2.85 miles in June so I know training has at least been consistent!

Last night I did the Sunderland 5km and hoping for a fast (sub 16-30) 5km I ended up with a solid 16-41 once again outsprinted by Stewy Bell on the grass finish!  Gutted !

One of the themes of the past three weeks or so has been a niggling hamstring injury which has gradually got worse.  It has not stopped me running too much but has been a painful after effect of hard sessions lasting for a day or two.  In the last 200m or so of last nights 5km my hamstring ached, creaked and seized up leaving me jogging over the line.  

Frustratingly it is always my left hand side where I pick up injuries...calf, achilles, ITB, hamstring so I have decided to bite the bullet and have a biomechanical assessment

In the meantime its a case of easy jogging, ice packs, stretching, more stretching and ibuprofen.   Hopefully by Sunday I will be recovered to run the Great North 10km and then my focus will turn fully to the Chester Marathon in October. 

Maybe I should look at barefoot running - The BBC Panorama documentary tonight explored the issue of expensive trainers...A shoe catalogue that came through the post this week had a very flash looking pair of Asics at £159.99 - Will they make you run faster...probably not!

Lets hope I make the start line on Sunday!  

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  1. Be very careful when training. You don't want some accidents like slips and trips ruin your place at the actual race.