Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Do the Double...

Well it was a monumental night on the track at Clairville last night.  My first 1500m on the track since 1993 and my first 800m since 1995.  Since becoming a vet 40 I have become reinvigorated and looking at vet rankings made me think...maybe a few track races might be in order to get some speed back in the legs.  It feels a bit like a mid life crisis! Its all about the rankings!

So the 1500......last done in 1993 on the same Clairville Track.  I finished in 4 mins 26 seconds on that night in 1993 and it was the last one I did (usually opting for 3000m and 5000m on the track having realised I wasn't fast!).   Last night I finished in 4.40.3.   So 14 seconds slower in 19 years!  That works out at around a 5.5% reduction in performance in 19 years - not too bad! 

The Reebok Pump Circa 1993 - the last time I ran an 800m! Yes I had a pair..fine until they punctured!

Onto the 800m....last done in 1995 as part of the Chester and Ellesmere Port AC Cheshire League Team.  I was asked to do the 800m because we were short.  I went through the first lap in about 65 seconds thinking that's not too bad..there is nothing to this 800m lark....then one by one the whole field passed me and I finished last in 2 mins 14 seconds cursing my lack of speed and vowing never to run an 800m race again!
17 years later, a lot wiser I was lining up again for an 800m.  First lap 72 and in last place...second lap another 72 but managed to pull a few places back to finish in 2.24.6.   Probably a more pleasurable (???) experience than my last 800m but 10 seconds slower.   That works out to be about an 8% reduction in performance in 17 years...again not too shabby!

So how does this reduction in performance hold up against the 5000m that I did at the 5000m best in 1995 was 15 mins 26.  In Saturday's 5000 I did 16.33 - a reduction of 67 seconds.  That works out to be about a 7% reduction in performance in  17 years....

So Track targets for the year to come are to get within 5% of my 1993-1995 track pbs.

800m = Under 2.21
1500m = Under 4.37
5000m = Under 16.12

Mmmmmm...mid life crisis...wonder if it might just be easier to buy a sports car!

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