Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dusting off the racing shoes!

The week gone has been a good week for mileage - plenty of  steady running and a few long ones to prepare me for the Marathon on May 6th.   One element of the training I have been lacking in is the tempo type effort at race pace.

I decided tonight to put that right and despite having yesterdays 18 miler in the legs still I decided that I needed a boost and put on my racers for a bit of a boost !  It worked a treat as I was able to smash out nearly six miles at a shade under my marathon pace of 6 minutes and 6 seconds.   A great boost to the training as I build mileage but so far have not been close to marathon pace on my long runs which have been more like marathon pace plus 10%.

My original aim for the marathon on May 6th was to look towards a sub 2-40 time.  After my ankle injury I revised my thinking to a sub 2-45 which would be a pb by over three minutes....that run tonight got me thinking though.............

Well done to Lewis Moses of New Marske Harriers who today picked up a National Title at the UK Indoor Championships in Sheffield and now stands a good chance of going to the World Championships in Istanbul.

I am looking forward to my training week this week and hope to get close to 75 miles in the bag.

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  1. Including some shorter races in your build up can be quite useful as tempo type efforts. A 10k race can make marathon pace seem like a stroll in the park.