Monday, 9 March 2015

6 weeks and Counting

For a while now I have been trying to find the perfect training week and I think the last week probably comes close to it.

Monday - an 8 mile recovery run - no pace target but ended up feeling good so pushed a decent pace (6:45 minute miling).

Tuesday - an easy 3 mile run in the morning then a 5 mile tempo session pm.   Wanted to get under marathon pace but it was windy so settled for about 10 seconds a mile slower.

Wednesday - used my usual 800m road circuit and did a 10 x 800m session with about 90s recovery between intervals.   Started nice and steady with a 2:52 then finished with a 2:37.   Progressed nicely through the session getting quicker on each interval.

Thursday - Track session.  Used a Frank Horwill based session aiming to do 10km alternating marathon pace with 5km speed.  This would equate to 89s/80s laps.   Whilst I was a second or so slower on the 5km speed I hit the marathon pace recoveries 100%.  What was really encouraging though was the recovery I was getting from them.  A great session and in the end pushed on for 7 miles (28 laps).

Friday - a nice easy recovery run (5 miles).

Saturday - Redcar parkrun managed my first sub 17 on that course something which I have been trying to achieve for some time.  16:57 for the 5km then a 7 mile warm down at about 7 minute miling.

Sunday - 21 miles long run starting off nice and easy but finished quickly and managed a 5.59 last mile.  Total run 21.1 miles average speed 6.36 per mile.

Total Miles for the week 71 miles.

For more information about Frank Horwill here is the link.  Frank Horwill advice

This week I'm taking it a bit easier as I'm running the Locke Park 20 mile race on Sunday.  I'd like to go into the race a little fresher but I am looking to run at marathon pace as I did last year.   This year I'm hoping for a more even paced run than last year as I am in much better shape than last year.  There is a decent field so should have some company for the majority of the race.

Its six weeks until the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon and I was fortunate to receive more kit from ASICS and Runners Need to help me in my build up.   These are the latest additions...

Gel Nimbus 17


Compression Kit

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