Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Harry Gamble-Thompson Marathon Award

Well 2014 is drawing to a close and as far a running goes I'm putting in some decent miles as a bit of a pre-marathon training block.  No races in December for me as I wanted to get a few base weeks in, do a  few medium long runs and just prepare for the 2015 season where I will tackle three marathons in a year for the first time.   I've managed over 3000 training miles this year which I'm delighted with as it means a level of consistency for me and no major interruptions with injuries.

I was delighted to receive the Harry Gamble-Thompson Marathon Award at our club presentation in December.  Harry G-T is a legend of local running and was a fine marathon runner as well as being a great training partner, club man and general all round nice guy.   He is still involved in New Marske Harriers as the club President and is still at the church hall twice a week welcoming and chatting to runners.  Sadly he no longer runs but I can tell by the glint in his eye that given half a chance he would put his trainers on and do a  few miles.

For those that may not know Harry's pedigree here are the club records he still holds.....

Vet 60 5km - 18.41 set in 1995.
Vet 60 10km - 36.52 set in 1992.
Vet 70 10km - 42.58 set in 2002.
Vet 50  10m - 55.52 set in 1986
Vet 60 10m - 59.51 set in 1993
Vet 70 10m - 71.27 set in 2002.
Vet 50 Half Marathon - 74.23 set in 1986.
Vet 60 Half Marathon - 78.31 set in 1991.
Vet 70 Half Marathon - 1 hr 34.14 set in 2002.
Vet 50 20 mile - 2 hours 3.20 set in 1998.
Vet 60 20 mile - 2 hours 10.15 set in 1993.
Vet 40 and Vet 50 Marathon - 2 hours 34.00 set at Selby in 1986
Vet 60 Marathon - 2 hours 52.54 set in New York in 1991.
Vet 70 Marathon - 3 hours 31.10 set in Honolulu in 2001.

Not many people will know that Harry ran a 2.32.10 marathon as a 50 year old which ranks him currently 8th on the all time list.

I enjoy having the odd chat with Harry and he is quick to offer advice to all runners from novices to the most experienced.   Sometimes the word "legend" is too quickly thrown around but to me Harry G-T is most definitely in that category.

Both Harry and wife Yvonne were recognised at the club awards for the long service given to the club.  Yvonne is always ready to meet runners coming back in on club nights with a cuppa and a biscuit and like Harry is a club legend!

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