Friday, 21 June 2013

Technology 1 Runner 0

Imagine my excitement.  A new Garmin 610 arrived for me today.  After months of price tracking and indecision I hit the button "Place Order" on the well known tax evading site named after that long river in Africa (alledgedly I might add!) and it arrived today.   Opening the box I thought simple...plug it in, charge it, put the ANT + dongle thing in the computer and away we go.  

In reality it was two hours of cursing, scouring support websites, emailing supportive experts and still the same result....non connection with my existing Garmin Connect and an inability to upload the fruits of my labour on the PC. 

Then my dear wife comes in....

Have you read the instructions?

Yes of course I have...

10 minutes later the Garmin is connected, working perfectly and ready to upload! 

I didnt read the instructions of course!

Time to test it.  A three miler would do me.  Screens all set up to give me optimum information on the fangled features such as the touch screen ready to be explored and the vibration auto lap primed.   Techno heaven!

3.2 miles later, a great run, feeling good and job done.  Cant wait to upload this beauty .... no wires needed and the start of a new friendship with my sparkly new Garmin.

What did I do...only pressed the wrong bloody button when i finished...reset the watch and lost all my data!

Bloody Technology!

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