Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year old goals!

2013 Goals

I want to run under 34 Mins for 10K
Sub 2-45 Marathon
I want to run a Sub 16.30 min 5km
Sub 56 for 10 miles
Sub 75 Half Marathon
Run Five Key Quality Races in 2013
2400 training miles!
My 2013 goals are much of the same from last year.   Some key performance targets that are within my grasp and if acheived will provide a solid base moving forward.   There are some goals that I have had for the last two years and either only just missed out on.
First race in 2013 will be the Brass Monkey Half Marathon two weeks today.  I am not expecting much having been laid low with the flu over christmas.   Note the use of the word flu and not a cold or man flu.  I am claiming flu for a number of reasons:
1.  Excessive time over christmas in bed..
2.  Very little enthusiasm (or ability) for running....
3.   Almost half a stone lost
4.   After three weeks a steady run still feels like an interval session and yesterdays park run effort of 17:58 at Redcar felt like it should have been about at least a minute quicker based on my inability to breathe properly and the effort it took!
My intended outing at Ribble Valley 10km was a non starter and this will now form one of my 2013 goals.
As always I'm excited about a new running year and hope that I can just find that edge in 2013.  2012 was a strange year...started the year with a badly sprained ankle delaying my marathon training.   2nd place at the Marathon of the North and some good track races over the summer then led to a frustrating few months coping with hamstring injuries that niggled on and on.  Ended up with a decent end to the year and a sub 34 10km at the Abbey Dash which will definitely be one of my focus races in 2013.
Mileage in 2012 was an average of just under 53 miles per week which is a solid effort.  I think my body copes ok with this sort of mileage.   My intention in 2013 is to stick to a mileage of between 50 and 60 miles per week with a weekly interval based session and some tempo running depending upon what the end goal is.  Main thing will be to listen to my body and be aware when rest and recovery make more sense than training hard.
Lets get to it!  Hope you all have a good 2013 and achieve your running goals!

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